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Banqiao Church Youth Hold Evangelistic Meetings
June 19, 2017

Most of the members of Banqiao Adventist Church in Taipei, Taiwan, are young people. Since it is a youth-centered church, it is vibrant and full of energy with the youth. Pastor Lee WonYoung, who is in charge of Banqiao Church as a Pioneer Mission Movement pastor, has focused on a small group activities. Pastor Lee trained each of the young members to be an owner of the church as well as a Bible teacher.

From April 24 to 29, 2017, Banqiao Church held evangelistic meetings. The church youth who received discipleship training were responsible for preparing all of the programs. They also tried to find souls on the street and taught them the Bible when they visited the church.

Pastor Kim SiYoung, director of Adventist Mission of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), served as the speaker. In addition, the support of Golden Angels, singing missionaries of the NSD, brought more blessings. When young members of Banqiao Church and the Golden Angels led the evangelistic meetings and programs together, attendees were blessed not only with the word of God but by their passion for mission. It seems clear that Banqiao youth members and Golden Angels spiritually grow through the evangelism.

As a result of the meetings, two young souls were baptized. Moreover, some of backsliders of the church have started returning back to the church. It is expected that Banqiao Church will serve as a center of youth ministries in Taipei and lead young people to Jesus