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Evangelism in Indonesia
June 29, 2017

The 4th batch missionaries who are being trained at the 1000 Missionary Movement (1000MM) Indonesian Branch held two evangelistic meetings from February 26 to March 3, 2017. A series of meetings was held at a town with a group of seven Adventists, and the other series was held at a town with only one Adventist and no church. Most of the town residents are Muslims, and the others are mostly Catholic or Protestant. The missionaries woke up at 4:30 every morning to walk around the towns as they prayed. They were divided into groups of two to five for Bible studies in the houses. The residents were kind enough to provide lodging and food for them.

A pair of missionaries who were assigned to the town far from the base camp visited an old couple that was well respected in their church. At first, the husband appeared to be uninterested, but soon showed interest in receiving Bible studies. As the studies continued, he started opening up to truths that he had never been exposed to before. He shared that 10 years ago he almost died of heart issues and had to give up pork, drinking, and smoking which he enjoyed. He said that as he listened to the teachings of the missionaries, he realized that he had been so wrong in so many areas though he had been a Christian for so long. His heart was warming up to the message of God’s truth that was being shared with him. Unlike him, his wife was not responding much to the studies, but thankfully she was willing to study with our missionaries, even though she never would do so with the Jehovah’s Witnesses that visited her every day.

Finally, the moment for baptismal decision came. The husband decided to be baptized, but the wife did not make the same decision. On Friday morning, however, the day before the meetings ended, she heard something astonishing from her neighbors at the marketplace. “At 4 in the morning yesterday, there were four people walking with bright white clothes on, and we saw them in front of your house, too.” When she heard this, she was terrified that they may have been ghosts. When she returned home, she shared what she had heard with the missionaries.

The missionaries were also surprised to hear this because that was the time the missionaries were praying in front of each home. Since these two young female missionaries were scared to go far from the base camp, they were eagerly praying all the more to win souls before leaving. Hearing this, the wife realized that God was leading these missionaries and decided to be baptized with her husband and a neighbor of theirs.

On Sabbath morning, a total of seven souls, including the couple, were baptized in this town and five were baptized in the other town. We just praise the Lord for what he has done. Also, we earnestly pray that the Lord will keep doing a mighty work in Indonesia.

Nam JinKoo, PMM Pastor with the 1000MM Indonesian Branch