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Inter-American Division Leaders Visit NSD Territories
June 29, 2017

From May 3 to 17, 2017, 134 Inter-American Division (IAD) leaders came to visit the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) territories to see the mission challenges and learn about foreign cultures. They visited major cities in the NSD, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Xian, Seoul, and Tokyo. The visitors included the Division officers, Union officers, and their spouses. IAD is comprised of 38 countries and 24 Union Conferences/Missions. The church membership of IAD reaches 370 million.

NSD President Jairyong Lee, two other NSD officers, and several departmental directors went to Incheon International Airport to welcome the IAD leaders when they arrived in Korea on May 8. On the following day, the IAD leaders joined the NSD staff for morning worship. Dr. Lee presented mission initiatives by the NSD to expand the kingdom of God in one of the most challenging areas of the world in terms of mission: 1000 Missionary Movement, Pioneer Missionary Movement, HisHands Mission Movement, and Golden Angels.

In the afternoon, they visited some institutions in Korean Union Conference: Seoul Adventist Hospital, SDA Education, Korean Union Conference Headquarters, and the Sijosa Publishing House. Dr. Israel Leito, IAD president, expressed his gratitude to all institution leaders for their hospitality.

On the Sabbath of May 13, they worshiped at Sahmyook University. Pastor Lowell Cooper addressed the congregation with a mission challenge and touched the hearts of the audience. In the evening, Sahmyook University presented a music concert for the IAD leaders, and the leaders refreshed their hearts and relaxed as they listened to the music. The next day, they left for Tokyo, Japan, for a three-day tour of Japan before returning home to IAD.