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Evangelistic Meetings in Japan
June 29, 2017
Dr. Joo MinHo, assistant to the president of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), led evangelistic meetings for 9 days at the Tokyo-Korean church in Japan from May 26 to June 3, 2017. For the success of the meetings, the ten members of an evangelism-support team also participated in the meetings. The Tokyo-Korean church was established for Koreans and Korean-speaking Japanese. Nowadays, a third of the church members are Japanese. That’s why the church provides simultaneous translation service.

The evangelism-support team consisted of retired pastors and medical missionaries. Medical missionaries provided medical services, such as massage, removing small spots from faces, and health counselling. When the visitors receiving medical service showed interest in the Bible, the retired pastors gave them a short Bible study so that they might long for regular Bible study. The church members also expressed enthusiasm to lead and guide visitors day and night.

In the evenings, Dr. Joo, the speaker for the evangelistic meetings, spoke to the people about prophesies found in Daniel and Revelation. As a result of the efforts and prayer of all church members and the evangelism-support team members, four precious souls (three Japanese and one Korean) were baptized on Sabbath. Church members were greatly encouraged as they saw four people get baptized as a result of their sacrificial efforts and prayers.

In 2018, Japan Union Conference will have mass evangelistic meetings, called 2018 Maranatha, at 150 churches on the basis of Total Member Involvement. Tokyo-Korean church members have the conviction that they can do it through the experience of evangelism.