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SDA EXPO Mission Team spreads the gospel to 30,000 people
July 31, 2017
SDA EXPO Mission Team (Leader, Deconess JungHee Lee) participated 2017 Daegu International Food Expo held at Daegu EXCO on June 8-11 with the booth name “EXPO 3004.” The EXCO, the organizer of this EXPO, invited the mission team to open a booth and provided a middle sized semina site (20 booths width) and the mission team operated various programs for citizens of Daegu city.

Many young people were attracted to cooking vagetarian food class, natural healing seminar, healing music time, making natural milk soap class. And also 1,800 books published by Korean Publishing House, 1,500 Signs of Times magazines and Home & Health magazines, and 5,000 promotional brochures were distributed to people.

Specially it did a special event of 1 year free subscription of Home & Health magazine to open the channel of gospel and 2,026 people participated survey and 1,500 people applied for the subscription of the magazine.  

EXPO Mission, Compatible method of mission for this age

Team members and voluntary workers from each church in Daegu area by turns worked together in harmony. Pastor JungGeun Park from Daegu Chilsung Church expressed his touched feeling as below:

“I think this kind of mission is worthy to try. It is wonderful that we can contact the people who visit this booth and talk with them and introduce them our church and our special programs. If you give me the list of the survey participators, I would like to utilize it in my church.”

Ms. MyungSook Kwon from Daegu in her sixties who visited our booth and attended seminars everyday confessed as below:

“I am a hat designer and I’m a member of Church of God. I was amazed to see a wonderful ministry group here. I want to visit the church which operates this kind of ministry.” She happily received every kind of books and magazines distributed at the booth.

Ms. DoHwa Chun, sixty years old lady from Daegu, attended the Natural Healing Seminar from the first day and she brought her husband who is in his 15 years long battle against cancer to the seminar on the last day and they consulted for the natural healing methods.

Some foreigners who were given Korean-English version of “Light of Life”, “Light of Happiness” showed their interest on religion and they were introduced the Daegu International Church.

A volunteer, Deconess KyungHwa Lee from Inchon Nambu Church whose face was covered in sweat in baking unpolished lice waffle with acacia honey and sharing the gospel books to visitors said with big smile: “I don’t think I did contribute much. I was extremely busy with so many visitors. But the joy of sharing what I have with others made me feel the days too short. I am so much happy even though I’m exhausted.”

About 30,000 people visit the booth for 4 days

For 4 days through “EXPO 3004” booth about 30,000 people living in Daegu could encounter our gospel message. This mission project was sponsored by Northern Asia Pacific Division, Korean Union Conference, West Central Korean Conference, Nowon Church, and many individuals and also Daegu EXCO made wonderful contribution in providing broader mission place.

Pastor ByungJoo Lee, KUC Mission Director, who visited the site to encourage the volunteers suggested guidance of this ministry. “EXPO mission is to sow seeds to those who voluntarily come. Jesus also sowed seeds to the coming crowds and many of them repented and believed when the disciples spoke out with the presence of the Holy Spirit. We should  do this sowing ministry with the expectation that the same will happen.”

SDA EXPO Mission Team plan to care the interested consistently by sending Home & Heath magazines and booklets, using social communication BAND.