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2017 NSD Pathfinder Camporee is successfully finished
August 15, 2017
The Northern Asia-Pacific Division held the 2nd Division wide Pathfinder Camporee at the Taiwan Adventist College on August 8-12, 2017. With the theme 'Contact+, Experience Jesus', about 2,000 Pathfinder member and leaders from the countries of Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, UAE, Brazil, etc attended this great event. Just like the 1st NSD Camporee, Many Pathfinder members attend outside of the NSD territory.

Dr. Richard Sabuin, the main speaker of the event shared wonderful messages with our young people on the topics of 'Born Again', 'Great reward of faith', 'I am Jesus'. He stressed the importance of personal contact with Jesus Christ. Dr. Sabuin illustrated his sermon with the fascinating stories of Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman at the well, Centurion, Apostle Paul who had personal contact with Jesus.

Daily programs began with the inspirational messages from the renown World Adventist church leaders. Pastor Abner De Los Santos, GC Vice president said "God has special expectations and purposes for our lives. To listen to His messages, we need to watch and pray. We should go and preach the gospel message of Jesus' second coming and His salvation. I hope and pray that you will fulfill the purpose of God."

During the day times, about 40 kinds of booth activities were opened at the camping sites. "Christian manner", "Post card making", "Kite flying", and many others.

Every evening program began with the beautiful parade the groups of countries that participated the event. When 230 Chinese delegates entered the stage, all the participants welcomed them with the big applause. The daily video sketches produced by the Chinese Hope TV was a very impressed daily report of the days' activities.

The NSD Golden Angels sang beautiful music during the meeting. They came early in the morning and until they leave at late night, their beautiful music touched the hearts of the young participants. One participant from the US said, "I've never heard a music so beautiful like this. The music really encouraged me a lot."

Dr. Jairyong Lee, NSD president said, "We participated a very well prepared program for five days. We should always remember that we are missionaries of God and must use what we learned here for the mission activities in our homes, schools, churches and our neighbor hood.

Pastor NakHyung Kim, NSD Youth director who coordinated the whole event said during his closing remarks, "I truly praise God for guiding us to successfully finish this camporee meeting and I would like to express my deep thanks to all the Pathfinder members and leaders, staff members and the church leaders.

The Camporee flag was given again to the Korean Union Conference that will hold the next NSD Pathfinder Camporee in South Korea. The wonderful messages, Praise, Prayers and various events were good enough to fill the hearts of our Adventist youth with happiness and gratitude to God. With the beautiful fireworks in the night sky of Taiwan, the participants said farewell each other until the next camporee.

*Photo courtesy by Kim, BumTae, KUC Media Center