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KUC Women’s Leadership Retreat and Prayer Meeting
August 15, 2017
The Korean Union Conference (KUC) women’s ministries hosted a Women’s Leadership Retreat and Prayer Meeting from July 12 to 13, 2017, at Madalphy Training Center in Korea. This is an annual event to encourage a healthy church and to activate mission for women by strengthening the role of female leaders in the church. Approximately 160 leaders gathered at this year’s retreat, where the theme was “Daughters of God, the Path of Light.”

Pastor Lee HarkBong, president/head chaplain of Yeosu Adventist Hospital, was the main speaker. His presentations were entitled “The leader who engages in worship for her whole life”; “The leader who becomes a mentor and raises up the next generation”; and “The leader who influences His holiness in the local community.”

Kim JangSook, director of Hope Family Violence Center, gave a training about how to form human relationships through effective mission strategies. Her topic was entitled, “The leader who takes care of precious souls.”

Dr. Lisa Clouzet, director of the women’s ministries department of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, also attended and spoke words of inspiration to all the participants. She encouraged the women to begin where they are, to use what they have, and to follow where God leads.

In addition to the main presentations, women’s ministries leaders from KUC and five other conferences, along with the Korean SDA Women’s Association, reported on the present status and perspective of their activities. These presentations helped show a clear direction and possibilities for future activities of women’s ministries.

Many participants felt God’s healing hands upon them through His Word and through praise times during the meeting. They renewed their commitment to trust God’s healing hands, to fasten their hope to Him, to trust His promise of answered prayer, and to be like Jesus. They desire to be consistently involved in His ministry to help shed His light to the local community. It is also their hope to contribute to Korean Adventist church mission and growth