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Farewell and Welcome Ceremony for the NSD Presidents
November 06, 2017

The Northern Asia-Pacific Division held a farewell and welcome ceremony for the NSD Presidents on November 4, 2017, at the Sahmyook Central Church, Seoul, Korea. The retiring NSD president Dr. Jairyong Lee handed over his presidency to the new NSD president Dr. Si Young Kim.

Dr. Lee has been leading NSD with his excellent leadership and the wisdom that God has given him for 14 years and 6 months. With the motto of 'Mission First' spirit, he initiated the Pioneer Mission Movement(PMM), HisHands Mission Movement, Golden Angels, Mission Day, Communication and Leadership Advancement Program(CLAP) and many other. When he was a dean of AIIAS Theological Seminary, he also founded 1000 Missionary Movement.

Dr. Jairyong Lee, the retiring NSD president gives his farewell speech 

The newly elected president Dr. Si Young Kim is a man of prayer, mission spirit, and excellent leadership with wide experience at the local Conference, Union Conference, and various institutions. He served as Union Conference Youth Director, 1000 Missionary Movement director, SDA Language Institute director, President of Korean Publishing House. Before he was elected as the New NSD president, he served as director of NSD Adventist Mission, Pioneer Mission Movement, North Korea Mission, Mission to the cities, Center of Evangelism and etc.

Dr. Si Young Kim, the new NSD president gives his inauguration speech

All the NSD Executive Committee members, honored guests, many Adventist church leaders and members attended the farewell and welcome ceremony on this day. During the farewell speech, Dr. Lee said "It was such a privilege and blessing for me to serve our church as a division president. As I look back, I could see that my responsibility was so heavy and difficult to carry. If God was not there with me leading me in every moment, I could have not able to bear all the duties that I had. But God was so gracious to me." Dr. Lee continued saying "Dr. Si Young Kim is a man of faith and prayer and an excellent spiritual leader.  He also has a good health and vigor as a young man. I am sure that he will successfully lead the mission works in NSD with God's guidance and the power of the Holy Spirit". Dr. Lee gave a 'Staff' to Dr. Kim as a symbol of leadership.

Many Adventist church leaders and members attend the ceremony

During the new president's speech, Dr. Kim said "As I think of the heavy responsibilities, I feel that I am powerless, but I am sure that the almighty God will be with me just like He did with Moses and Joshua. With this faith, I will trust in the Lord who is the source of wisdom and power. He will show me the way and guide us." Dr. Kim continued "Let us move forward with the gospel commission that God has given to the remnant church and use all our resources and strength to share the Three Angels messages with 1.6 billion people in our territory."

Elder P. D. Chun(center) prays for Dr. Si Young Kim(left) and Dr. Jairyong Lee(right)

Elder P. D. Chun, former NSD President offered a special prayer for Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim. Also General Conference vice president, Dr. Ella Simmons gave a special congratulatory speech for the presidents.

Dr. MinHo Joo, NSD Assistant to the president will take over the position of Dr. Si Young Kim together with his other responsibilities. We pray that God will bless the retiring president Dr. Jairyong Lee and Mrs. Lee as well as the new NSD president Dr. Si Young Kim and Mrs. Kim with good health and heavenly wisdom.