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The 12th NSD ASI Convention
November 27, 2017
The 12th ASI (Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries) convention of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) was held at Ambassador Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, from September 7 to 10, 2017. One hundred twenty-three ASI members from five different countries in the NSD territories registered for the meeting.

Elder Song JongHyun, NSD ASI president, declared the opening with the applause of all attendees. On the morning of September 8, there was a business meeting to deal with the amended NSD ASI bylaws. All representatives approved the articles about the nominating committee, officers, and board members. According to the stipulation on the nominating committee in the amended bylaws, “Nominating Committee members shall be chosen from each constituent country by a simple majority of the members present. There will be one (1) representative chosen out of every twenty (20) delegates, and they shall not exceed three (3) people from each country.” During the business meeting, three delegates from Korea, two from China, one from Japan, and one from Mongolia were selected. Jairyong Lee, then president of the NSD, chaired the nominating committee. Elder Song was reelected as NSD ASI president for next three years.

During the 12th NSD ASI Convention, Jairyong Lee and Tim Aka, General Conference associate treasurer, were invited as keynote speakers. Jairyong Lee mentioned mission challenges in the NSD territories and appealed to the ASI leaders and members to refresh their hearts with the spirit of Total Member Involvement to deal with those challenges. Tim Aka presented the relationship between economy cycle and Bible prophecy.

New board members and officers of NSD ASI:

 President: Song JongHyun (Korea)

 Vice President: Oh SooHo, Zia Jun, Kim TaeKyoung, Li Jie, Kazuo Hori, Tsaishuiteh, Enkhtivan Gantulga

 Secretary: Jo SangHyeon

 Associate Secretary: Miao Cunda

 Director: Moon SeungTae, Jakana

 Audit: Lee ByoungJu, Masui Yasuro

 Coordinator: Choi YoungIl (NSD), Lee ByoungJu (KUC), David Ng (CHUM), Masaru Kobayashi (JUC), Chili Du (TWC), Kim YoHan (MM)