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Evangelism Rally in Mongolia
December 11, 2017

On September 22 and 23, 2017, the churches participating in the field school of evangelism in Mongolia gathered for the first of several evangelistic training events. The evangelistic meetings are scheduled for March 2018, but this training was part of a process of evangelism that includes personal and corporate outreach.

Several field pastors and Mongolia Mission (MM) leaders participated over the weekend. Each of the five training sessions was also broadcast live online to other churches outside the Ulaanbaatar area. Dr. Ron Clouzet, ministerial association director of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), and Pastor Namjildorj, MM ministerial association director, each led a session on personal evangelism that focused, especially, on how to reach relatives and neighbors with the gospel.

The theme for the Sabbath morning worship service was on sowing evangelism in order to influence others to be ready for Christ’s second coming. In the afternoon, the two main sessions focused on how to pray for the lost and on a prayer-walking plan.

The training concluded with a vast majority of the lay members present filling out their ministry commitment and prayer forms. There, they indicated what area they would be helping out in during the field school and in what way. Whether as prayer intercessors, as prayer walkers, or as prayer warriors, they would be engaging in storming heaven for those who need to know Christ. Pastor Kim YoHan, MM president, was very pleased to see such a wide and thorough response, and he expressed his desire for every church and pastor to be involved in this field school of evangelism.