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50th Batch SUPER Training
December 28, 2017

From August 21 to 23, 2017, the 50th batch of the 1000 Missionary Movement missionaries began SUPER (Spiritual Unity and Physical Endurance Reinforcement) Training at San Diego Beach, Batangas, the Philippines, spearheaded by Pastor Jeon SukJin, 1000MM associate director.

Carrying their packed bags, the missionaries eagerly left the campus at 6:30 a.m. bound for the activity venue. After an hour of travel, they immediately started the two-hour hike and proceeded to the physical training. This part of the activity engaged the missionaries to learn how to be as one and to work as one. Whenever somebody didn’t follow the instructions or made a mistake, all of them bore the consequences. They also come to the realization that judging somebody who commits mistakes is definitely an unpleasant attitude since everyone is prone to make mistakes too.

SUPER Training was scheduled from Monday to Tuesday morning followed by the Survival and Revival Training Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning. For a practical exercise, the second chapter of the training started with camp cooking. The missionaries were tasked to make a fire out of bamboo and only three matches and to cook eggs with the most available resources, such as mud, paper, plastic cellophane, and sticks. In addition, more activities were introduced to them to develop their survival skills with a minimum availability of resources around. Team-building activities took place during the end part of the training which enabled them to carry and embrace new ideas and realizations on how to conquer their future obstacles and temptations in their mission fields.

Throughout the training period, due to unfavorable weather conditions, the sun never shone brightly, and it rained almost all day until evening. Nevertheless, God was merciful, for He never left, and He made the program joyfully successful. Let us continue to include the 50th batch missionaries in our fervent prayers as these young people have committed their lives to the advancement of the Gospel.