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Donghae Central Church Achieves 500% Growth Through TMI Activities
December 28, 2017
The Donghae Central Church in East Central Korean Conference held a “New Life Festival” from June 21 to 24, 2017, and evangelistic meetings for students from July 9 to 22. As a result, 312 interests attended the meetings and 43 people were baptized.

In March, Donghae Central Church members established goals such as “execution of the great commission Jesus has given,” “tasting joy of soul-winning,” and “increase of church members and church growth.” Church members made invitation cards and a list of invitees, and they prayed for them. A “soul-winning tree” was placed on a wall. Names of invitees were written on its leaves. When invitees attended the church, flowers were put on the leaves. And when they got baptized, the tree was bearing fruit. After the church members sent the invitation cards, they developed the “333 Movement,” which is to have 3 targets, to pray for them 3 times a day, and to meet them 3 times to develop a relationship.

Pastor Chun BuKwon, who is in charge of Donghae Central Church, delivered messages on “Proposal of Everlasting Love.” During the evangelistic meetings, relay prayers were continued for the speaker and interests. After the meetings, church members continually met with the interests through activities, such as “Three Angels Visitors,” “Small Group Setup,” “12-week Bible Seminar,” “Detox/Addiction Healing Camp,” and “Vision School for Students.”

Vision School provided students with career counseling, vocational interest inventory, MBTI in the morning, and learning method, character clinic in the afternoon. It received good responses from not only the students but neighboring schools.

“All activities could be possible due to the positive interest of church members, and TMI brought such successful results,” said Pastor Chun.