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2017 NSD Annual Council
December 28, 2017

Generally speaking, it might not be easy for an organization to have its annual council, which is considered the most important meeting of the year, right after a change of leadership. This was not the case for the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD). By God’s grace, the transition of the top leadership of the NSD was achieved very successfully. Elder Jairyong Lee, former NSD president, never missed a chance to show his support for the newly elected president, Dr. Kim SiYoung. Dr. Kim expressed his appreciation and respect for Elder Lee’s dedication to the gospel commission within the NSD territories with his unwavering spirit of “Mission First.” Attendees witnessed a Christian model of leadership transition in the council. The council took an action to express their deep appreciation to Elder and Mrs. Lee for their service as the president and his wife respectively for more than 14 years.  

The new president Kim SiYoung successfully chaired and led the council, and there was a good atmosphere and positive spirits during the meetings. Since this year is in the middle of this quinquennium, the committee reviewed the progress of mission initiatives and projects for the first half of the 5-year plan, and made a recommitment for stepping forward on ongoing projects and initiatives for the latter half as they face the huge mission challenges in this great territory.

During the meetings, mission reports from the NSD departments, unions, and institutions were presented to the delegates, providing a great spur to attendees at the council. This year, the council members were more actively in expressing their opinions and providing feedback on each report.

On the last day of council, there were touching testimonies from two North Korean defectors who have kept their faith in crisis. Also, Elder Kim YongKyun, director of the Saronam Sanitarium, shared a mission story on the blessings God has given to his sanitarium and how God has led him to plant a church. The testimonies stirred attendees’ enthusiasm toward their ministry and mission work.

Please pray for the new leadership of the NSD, that they may fulfill the mission God has entrusted to us!

News Article by Yutaka Inada, NSD Executive Secretary