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East Central Korean Conference Pathfinder Leaders’ Congress
January 22, 2018

East Central Korean Conference (ECKC) Pathfinder Leaders Association held ECKC Pathfinder Leaders’ Congress on November 25, 2017, at Wonju Sahmyook Elementary School, to acknowledge the dedication of the leaders in the field during the past year and to appoint new leaders. Of the 200 attendees, 40 members of Teen Leadership Training, 25 members of Master Guide Training, 15 members of Pathfinder Leadership Award, and 8 members of Pastor's Pathfinder Leadership Award received a completion certificate upon finishing their course.

Pastor Kim Nakhyung, youth ministries director of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), was invited the congress to deliver a message. His preached a sermon based on the four beasts of Daniel chapter 7.

Pastor Hong ByungGil, ECKC youth ministries director, presented to the attendees the 2018 plan for Pathfinder ministries. He introduced new projects: ECKC youth department’s on-site and Pathfinder coaching service, cooperation with children’s ministries department for Adventurers and Junior Pathfinder ministries, and applying Pathfinders to Sabbath School study guides for juniors and their Sabbath afternoon activities.

At the congress, Kim JinWook, leader of the Samcheok Church Pathfinder club, was appointed as president of the ECKC Pathfinder Leaders Association for the next two years. All the attendees, including the leadership, pledged to serve their ministries more faithfully.