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Sahmyook University Signs MOU with 25 Adventist Schools in Korea
February 06, 2018
Sahmyook University contracted the memorandum of understanding (MOU) on November 10, 2017, with 25 Adventist primary and secondary schools in Korea. The MOU was prepared to build a cooperative system among contractors and to study, develop, and practice character-centered holistic education together in order to realize the highest ideals of Adventist education. The university and Korean Adventist schools will share programs for character education and exchange opportunities and resources hereafter. The university will also conduct self-developed character education programs to students and teachers in Adventist schools.

“This MOU will be the first step to systemize the philosophy of Adventist education and character education programs. I wish we can establish the cooperative foundation in character education together,” said Dr. Kim SungIk, president of Sahmyook University.

“I hope it will be an opportunity to raise value of existence of Adventist schools in Korean society. Also I want this MOU to continue through developmental and practical cooperation,’ said Pastor Kang SukWoo, KUC education director.

The contracting parties from Sahmyook University, 10 elementary schools, 8 middle schools and 7 high schools attended the agreement ceremony.