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HKMC Organizes a Trip of Learning to Taiwan
February 20, 2018

On September 17, 2017, sixteen people from the social services department of Hong Kong-Macao Conference (HKMC) embarked on a four-day learning trip to Taiwan. The trip was funded by the Hong Kong SAR government from its Social Welfare Development fund. The purpose of the trip was to engage the social workers in new ideas from outside for better services at home.

The tour included visits to different social service organizations in Taiwan that promote the welfare, wellness and creative activities of the elderly, the youth and the disabled. It was such a blessing to the Hong Kong workers who gained so much inspiration from well-known organizations, such as Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Teacher Chang Foundation, etc.

The Adventist Church plays an active and significant role in Hong Kong in the area of social services by operating a number of nursing homes and community centers.