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Revival and Evangelistic Training in Mongolia
February 20, 2018

Dr. Ron Clouzet, ministerial association director of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), had the opportunity to lead the churches in Mongolia that are involved in the field school of evangelism in two separate training events and a week-long spiritual revival, broadcasted live online to all participating churches.

“How to Reach Missing Members” was the subject of the first training event, held on December 9, 2017. It identified the reasons why most members leave, the fact that more Adventist-born members leave than those joining through evangelism—a common misunderstanding, what systems each church should put in place to support a viable reclamation ministry, and specific steps needed for successful visits with those missing. The biblical foundation came from the lessons drawn from the stories Jesus told in Luke 15.

Between December 10 and 16, 2017, Dr. Clouzet led in a nightly revival for churches and members involved in the field school. The revival, entitled “Living in the Spirit,” focused on the work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s life. The presentations were broadcasted live online to other churches. Every night, the opportunity was given to respond to what the Spirit was saying to the churches. A number of members made considerable sacrifices, traveling for a long time, to attend each meeting. The last presentation was called “Living the Abundant Life,” based on the words of Jesus in John 10. Many people expressed their profound thanks for being brought closer to Jesus through these meetings.

On the afternoon of December 16, Dr. Clouzet closed with a training focused on “Missional Small Groups.” It covered basic principles for group life success, biblical foundations for groups God can bless, and the best way to lead groups that are intentional in reaching the lost for Christ.