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Adventist World Management Board Meets in Ilsan, South Korea
March 21, 2018

On March 8, 2018, members of the Adventist World Management Board met at the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) headquarters in Ilsan, South Korea, to hear 2017 financial reports and vote the 2018 proposed budget of the international monthly magazine, printed in nine languages and boasting 1.5 million copies every month.

The committee was chaired by Elder Kim SiYoung, president of NSD. The members of the NSD administrative team included P. D. Chun, international publishing manager and former NSD president; Yukata Inada, secretary of NSD; German Lust, treasurer of NSD; Han SukHee, communication director of NSD; and Lyu DongJin, undertreasurer of NSD. Representatives from the General Conference headquarters, included Ray Wahlen, undertreasurer of the world church; Karnik Doukmetzian, general counsel of the world church; Bill Knott, executive editor and director of Adventist World, Greg Scott, associate director of Adventist World; and Gerald A. Klingbeil, associate editor of Adventist World.

After a devotional by Elder P. D. Chun, the committee reviewed the financial situation of the magazine, welcoming the fact that the actual costs of the publication came in under the voted 2017 budget due to some extraordinary circumstances. Ray Wahlen and Bill Knott introduced the 2018 proposed budget, which was unanimously voted, followed by an overview of the redesign and reimagined brand of Adventist World and editorial highlights covering the April 2017 to March 2018 period by Gerald Klingbeil.

During the meetings the Adventist World editorial team highlighted personnel transitions, the plans of producing audio podcasts of selected material of the magazine, the move of significant printing operations to Africa and some of the involved logistical challenges, the new North American Division publishing partner, Adventist Journey, a new merged Portuguese edition in Brazil, and the urgent need to restart printing in Mexico to serve the largest single market in the Inter-American Division.

P. D. Chun then reported on the printing and distribution of Adventist World in the territories of NSD, the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and the Southern Asia Division. Finally, the committee heard plans about the digital footprint of the magazine on its website, via audio podcast, video productions, and social media by Greg Scott. The meeting was adjourned by Elder Kim SiYoung.