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NSD Workers’ Spiritual Retreat
April 17, 2018

Spring has arrived, and after a long and chilly winter, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) had a workers’ spiritual retreat in Anmyondo for one night and two days in order to refresh their sense of spirituality and mission spirit. The last week of March was designated a moratorium week in order to focus on spiritual emphasis. Dr. Ron Clouzet, NSD ministerial secretary, proclaimed a powerful message every morning to strengthen their faith for God’s mission. The two days, Wednesday and Thursday, were set apart for the spiritual retreat.

In order to have an effective NSD retreat, a preparation committee was organized to plan the whole program so that all workers might attend. The programs consisted of sports games, spiritual messages, and sightseeing. Right after the morning devotion, all workers departed for Anmyondo Training Center located in Middle West Korean Conference. Delicious lunch was followed by a time of fellowship. The time of fun games and sports, such as volleyball and mini-soccer, helped drive away stress as well as helped employees draw closer together.

During the evening worship, Dr. Ron Clouzet emphasized the power of the Holy Spirit and kindled the zeal of mission in every heart with the touching story of a missionary. After worship, Dr. Siyoung Kim, NSD president, addressed the workers on how to make Vision One Million (VOM) 2020 come true. He presented the two pillars of mission activities to reach one million members by 2020. One is TMI, which is a GC mission initiative standing for Total Member Involvement. The other is Ministering to the Needs of the people and community based on Jesus’ methods in Ministry of Healing, page 143.

On the following day, the workers visited two tourist attractions on the way back to the office. They ended the retreat with a new vision implanted in each heart.

News article by Joo MinHo, NSD Assistant to the president, AM/PMM director