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We Can Run
April 17, 2018

Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School held a physical challenge event for its students on January 19, 2018. The event was a four-kilometer running race for all students and staff. It took place along the dam at the Plover Cove Reservoir, located within Plover Cove Country Park, in the northeastern New Territories of Hong Kong SAR.

The scenery was charming, and the weather was nice. The event was indeed a challenge. Running four kilometers was not something that these city dwellers do every day, but most participants enjoyed it. It was Friday and it was good to let out some steam after a week of intensive study. Many also realized that they exercised too little and were not ready for this challenge. It was a wake-up call for physical fitness.

The event was a spiritual blessing to the students and staff. It taught important lessons about perseverance and team spirit.