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Longer Harvest Meetings Yield Great Results
May 10, 2018

The Field School of Evangelism in Mongolia led by Dr. Ron Clouzet, ministerial secretary of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), lasted eight and a half months and yielded some wonderful results. The evangelistic harvest meetings and the training to mentor new believers culminated the field school on March 24, 2018. The Lord richly blessed the efforts made by pastors and committed lay people, leading to 70 baptisms and three people accepted on profession of faith.

In an age when many no longer believe evangelistic meeting should go longer than six or seven days, the harvest meetings in Mongolia defied that logic. Dr. Clouzet presented 24 Bible subjects over a period of three weeks and four weekends, and the Holy Spirit spoke to the people who responded by surrendering to Him and His truth. Pastor Namjildorj Mandakh translated the messages.

There were six baptismal ceremonies over the course of these reaping meetings, March 2 to 24. Four were baptized on March 10, and another four on March 14. Twenty-one were baptized on March 17, seven on March 21, 27 on the morning of March 24, and 10 more were accepted into membership that evening. The new believers were assigned a spiritual mentor or friend to guide and encourage them in their assimilation to the Adventist Church. The mentors received special training, were given resources to aid in their ministry, and committed themselves to one year of follow-up. All the new believers present and their mentors were introduced to the church on the last evening meeting, where baptismal vows were read as well as a charge to the new believers and a special prayer of commitment was given by Dr. Clouzet.

The most optimistic predictions were for 50 baptisms, but more people responded than expected. Even though the meetings were five nights per week and three on Sabbaths, the weeknight attendance did not appreciably drop, and many took notes of what they were learning from the Bible. Every night, time was given for questions, and on three nights each week, that period was extended to 35-45 minutes.

The meetings were broadcast live to a number of churches in the countryside, some far away from Ulaanbaatar. The media team worked faithfully to make that happen. There were also musicians, people in charge of refreshments, those in charge of book sales, and those who cared for children. A special mention should go to those who worked in the registration and attendance team as well as the row hosts who faithfully served every night and attended training two times each week. Praise be to God for this wonderful harvest! There is more joy in heaven for one person who repents than for 99 who need no repentance.

Ron Clouzet, NSD Ministerial Association Sectretary