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2018 NSD PREXAD Meeting
June 15, 2018

 The Northern Asia-Pacific Division officers, Union presidents, and two invited departmental directors gathered at the Courtyard Hotel in Hong Kong for the 2018 PREXAD (President’s Executive Advisory Committee) from April 26 to 29, 2018.

In the opening worship, Robert Folkenberg, Jr., president of Chinese Union Mission (CHUM), gave a touching message about the mission activities of literature evangelists in the UT (Unorganized Territories) even though the situation is difficult. He appealed for fervent prayer for the progress of mission work in the UT.

The NSD set the goal of mission during the quinquennial period from 2016 to 2020. VOM 2020 is the vision of having one million church members in the NSD territories by 2020. Japan Union Conference (JUC) planned to have All Japan 2018 Maranatha for three weeks in May, with 161 churches having evangelistic meetings. At least 10 lay members served as speakers, and all theological students joined the evangelistic meetings as speakers. According to Pastor Masumi Shimada, JUC president, more than 20 speakers from other countries shared the gospel during this time. The longest evangelistic meetings took place in Hiroshima Church for 17 days from May 3 to 19. The church pastor delivered 34 different topics in the morning and evening for 17 days. 

The Korean Union Conference (KUC) confirmed big city evangelism in 219 churches in 2018. During this term, KUC put much emphasis on two cycles and five steps, which is two evangelistic meetings a year through five steps—commitment, contact, connection, crop and follow-up. Hwang ChunKwang, KUC president, said that KUC promotes Total Member Involvement (TMI) all the time and through all church magazines, such as the monthly Church Compass. Also, quarterly Sabbath School Bible study books are mobilized to share stories of TMI with other churches throughout KUC.

According to Pastor Folkenberg, Jr., the health ministry team is actively working for winning souls in CHUM. They set the goal of having 150 baptisms this year, but they had to postpone and cancel their activities because of the restriction on such activities by the ruling power.

For the Taiwan Conference (TWC), president Noah Lai reported that TWC emphasizes the significance of each church having a plan for evangelistic meetings. He also stressed that the three major areas for evangelism are TMI training, church’s plan on evangelistic meetings, and baptism.

NSD president Kim SiYoung also suggested that we would have Total Evangelism 2019. This will involve having evangelistic meetings in 2019 sites throughout the NSD territories in 2019. The distribution of the evangelistic meetings will be as follows: KUC – 1,000 sites, JUC – 160 sites, CHUM – 700 sites, TWC – 110 sites, MM (Mongolia Mission) – 29 sites, HKMC (Hong Kong-Macao Conference) – 20 sites.

Each Union and Conference may decide on which month they will have evangelistic meetings. The NSD will provide materials on how to prepare for those events, and each church will have a strategic plan on how to make it successful.

The PREXAD team also made a decision on Youth Commission in January 2019, to win more young souls to the Adventist church. Japan, Korea and Taiwan are facing the aging of their societies. Churches are also getting old, and young people are leaving churches. To strengthen our Adventist churches and make them young, a drastic change is needed. Youth Commission next year will be the launching pad for youth ministry of the Adventist churches in the NSD.

On Sabbath, April 20, all PREXAD members attended different churches for worship, and in the afternoon, they visited two institutes, Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital and Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School. Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital was opened in 2015 and provides great health care for the community people as a center of influence. Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School also provides three dimensions of Adventist education—intellectual, spiritual, and physical aspects—for the community. Every year, some students are converted through class activities. All PREXAD members were much impressed by the development of Adventist institutes in Hong Kong, and they gave glory to God for His great blessings on them.

MinHo Joo, NSD Assistant to the President, Adventist Mission Coordinator