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Training Seminar for Mongolia HisHands Medical Missionaries
July 03, 2018

Mongolia Mission (MM) held a HisHands medical missionary training seminar at the Youth Training Center from May 10 to 13, 2018. The seminar was attended by 135 lay leaders with Ms. Joanna Kim as the lecturer. The MM held this four-day intensive training meeting for lay leaders with the goal of training medical missionaries. The participants came to the seminar with great expectation and interest. The medical missionary training began with prayer and was full of enthusiastic responses and fervent ardor from the first day.

Lectures on various skills and practices, such as the health message and natural therapy of Mrs. White, healthy cooking, water therapy and charcoal therapy, healing massage, natural therapy for missionaries to use in uncivilized areas, and balance of modern medical science and natural healing, were provided for the attendants. When the attendants heard examples of cases where skin ailments and inflammation diseases were cured by proper diet and change of lifestyle, they gained self-confidence that they can do mission work through medical ministry even though they don’t have specialized knowledge as doctors and nurses. The emergency natural healing kit, which medical missionaries can easily use when they visit those who are interested or have contact with the sick, aroused explosive interest and response, and the practice on how to use the kit was continued until late every night.

Attendants expressed that “this seminar was very helpful because we not only listened to the lectures but also had question and answer sessions after every lecture and various practice sessions.” They revealed their ambition, saying, “We learned simple ways of healing which we can use practically every day, and we will apply and practice what we learned directly in our mission field.”

On the last day of the meeting, the attendants devoted themselves to the call for HisHands medical missionaries, and 27 people were chosen as team leaders who would organize 27 HisHands medical mission teams in Mongolia. Through this seminar, attendants had confidence that the health message of Mrs. White could be welcomed by the Mongolian people, whose staple food is meat and many of whom suffer from chronic diseases due to their unbalanced diet. Attendees showed their expectation that Mongolians can change by following Adventist health messages, including a healthy diet, NEWSTART lifestyle, and natural therapies. It was very meaningful to organize HisHands medical mission teams through this kind of meeting for training medical mission leaders.

This is just the beginning. For further fruit, there will be a follow-up training program this coming September. The September session will be conducted as not only a medical mission training but also an evangelistic meeting on healthy lifestyle, and the 27 team leaders will bring the interested with them to the meeting. It will not be easy to have training and evangelism together at the same time, but HisHands medical missionaries will be quite capable of carrying out the given mission “Through His Heart, With His Power, As His Hands,” which is the chant of the HisHands Mission Movement.