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Golden Angels in Taiwan
July 03, 2018

At 3:00 in the very early morning of April 8, 2018, we, the 15th batch of Golden Angels, headed to Incheon International Airport to start our second mission trip in Taiwan. Three churches in Taiwan—Banqiao, Xindian, and Shalu—were waiting and preparing for the arrival of the “Angels.”

We started our ministry in Banqiao Church with distributing flyers on the street. We continuously prayed while sharing, that each flyer would be a new chance for all who received it. However, not many people were interested in what we were longing to share. Experiencing rejection hurt, but we were reminded of Jesus, who experienced countless rejections throughout his lifetime and yet who still loved us. Knowing so, we asked God eagerly for more souls to be led to Jesus Christ.

Our sincere prayers were answered during the three weeks of our mission trip in Taiwan. We were blessed with so many souls in every church we visited. In Banqiao Church, we met and spent most of our time with youth through small-group meetings that we had after the evening meeting. We were able to develop a closer relationship as we shared meaningful talks. By the grace of God, we held a wonderful baptism ceremony on Friday evening with two newborn souls. 

During the next week, in Xindian Church, we visited the homes of church members. We had not much to share, but we were greatly welcomed by them. To show our appreciation, we sang inspirational songs for them. It was a great memory of sharing love with each other as one family in Christ. Every evening after the meeting, we held a special prayer session for five new seekers who were going to face the most important decision ever in their lifetime. God helped them through, and all five souls were reborn as sons and daughters of our heavenly Father.

“Drum-dum-dum-dum.” The last church, Shalu, welcomed us with the enthusiastic sound of drums. The church members have been preparing a drum performance for the cultural classes at the local schools. The church members were excited about the ministry that they have been preparing. The whole church worked together for every event, and each time we repeated the chant together, “我们是一家人! (womenshi yi jia ren),” which means we are one family. As it says in the chant, all of the church members mingled as one family to work for God. On the last Sabbath, we also had a baptismal ceremony for four people who longed to join to the heavenly family.

The three weeks of our mission were filled with eager prayers, not only with our Golden Angels members, but with pastors and church members. We have gathered to pray together for God’s will to be done. Each one of us might be too weak to do God’s work alone, but when we gather together to pray as one family, God’s will will surely be done, for He has promised, “If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you” (Matthew 18:19).