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Information for 2018 NSD International Mission Congress
August 06, 2018
We welcome all of you who are participating in ‘2018 NSD International Mission Congress’, held in the KINTEX, Goyang city, Korea

Through this mission congress with about 4,000 Adventists participating from around 40 countries worldwide, including Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Mongolia, I pray you will find a mission for the new ministry.

About 4,000 Adventists from around 40 countries will participate the IMC meeting

Every morning, at the Hall 6 Main Hall in 1st floor, there will be “Mission Wordspiration”, preached by Assistant to the GC President Dr. Duane McKey and GC Associate Secretary Dr. Gary Krause, and “Mission Synergy”, a program you can hear vivid stories of devoted missionaries serving their callings in the mission field. 

The afternoon program will start at 1:30 PM every day, and it is filled with various mission programs. Afternoon schedule is divided into indoor and outdoor.

Please participate the programs according to the brochure and group leaders.

First of all, the indoor program, filled with solid information and missionary knowledge, is starting at 2 pm.

At 2pm, on 3rd and 4th floor, world-renowned speakers are opening seminars with various topics, such as medical ministry, Family and Children’s ministry, Urban ministry, Muslim ministry, campus ministry, literature evangelism, GAiN Conference, small group ministry, freedom of religion, and Stewardship ministry.

World-renowned speakers are opening seminars with various topics

Please check the time and location for interpretation of provided language from the brochure before attending each seminar.

While the indoor program is held, there will be outdoor programs starting from 1:30 pm.

For non-Koreans, A Prayer Meeting for North Korea at ImJinGak Pavilion is prepared.

For Koreans and non-Koreans, field trip to the missionary cemetery at Yang Hwa Jin, TMI bottled water giveaway, and other diverse outdoor mission activities are prepared.

Due to the limited availability, outdoor activities will proceed as first come first served. Please register at the Info desk in the morning. We hope you experience the joy of missionary through various mission activities.


For evening meetings, starting at 6:30 pm every day, various impressive cultural performances are prepared. There will be specially prepared music and performances for IMC, Ministry Reports from five countries in Northern Asia-Pacific Division, and spiritual message of GC Executive Secretary Dr. G. T. Ng and Assistant to the GC President Dr. Mark Finely. Please watch, listen, and feel the program to have the blessed time.

On Sabbath, the Sabbath school with various touching programs, inspiring message given by the GC President Dr. Ted N. C. Wilson, and Commitment Service that brings our devotion to one is prepared.

The Musical “Caleb” by Sulammi will be on the stage

The missionary testimonies and baptism ceremony starting at 1:30 pm will be the time we share the fruit of missionary work and joy. The Musical “Caleb” by Sulammi, specially created for this mission congress, will remind us the calling of missionary once more.

For the Commitment Service, NSD president Dr. Kim, Si Young will preach. We pray we will have a precious opportunity to commit our lives for evangelism through this program.

In front of the Hall 7 on the 2nd floor, there will 80 exhibition booths. You can get beneficial missionary information from various booths related to missionary, education, medical, publication, food, and stewardship.

Right next to these booths, there will be 40 local church mission activity booths and four ministry education booths to provide various missionary methods and its educations such as Community Service, the Nature ministry, seeding ministry, ministry for disabled, ministry for North Korean defectors, Hospital ministry, English Center ministry, and Children’s ministry.

There will 80 exhibition booths and 40 local church mission activity booths

Also, throughout the Congress, there will be small, but special recitals for participants, starting from the 1:00 pm every day, at the special stage in front of the Main Hall.

Entire program in IMC will be interpreted consecutively or simultaneously into 4 languages via radio interpreter: English, Chinese, Japanese, and Mongolian. The Radio interpreter will not be provided to Korean participants. All program will be paired with a Korean interpreter on stage and/or Korean subtitle.

Although there may be difficulties due to multiple language services, I hope the International Mission Congress will bring us to unity through God’s word beyond the language barrier.

1) 1st floor

There is a Hall 6, the Main Hall of IMC in the KINTEX Exhibition Center II 1st floor.

The info desk is at the entrance of this Main Hall.

If you have any question, please go to this info desk.

Anyone can use free Wi-Fi in KINTEX without registration.

2) 1st floor Main Hall seating arrangement

The Main Hall has designated seating area per country. Individual seats are not designated. Please follow the volunteers and be seated in the designated area.

Important information including meals and the shuttle bus will be provided per a designated seating area.

3) 2nd floor

Exhibition booths and local church missionary activity & education booths are in front of the Hall 7 in the 2nd floor. You can use the elevator in the lobby of Main Hall to access this area.

4) 3rd & 4th floor: Seminar rooms

About 20 seminars will be opened in the 3rd and 4th-floor seminar rooms.

You can access 3rd and 4th floor by taking elevation from the 2nd floor, where exhibition booths are. Please check the seminar title in front of the door to join.

KINTEX convention center in Goyang, Korea (Picture provided by KINTEX)

1. Cafeteria hour

You may have your breakfast at your accommodation or individually.

All registered participants will be provided with lunch and dinner at the cafeteria in Hall 7A, left to the lobby of the Main Hall.

You must have your name tag provided at the registration to have meals at the cafeteria.

KINTEX Cafeteria has a limited number of people they can take. Please take your time and stay in order to use the cafeteria if you are joining the program at lunch and dinner hour.

After the breakfast from your accommodation, the shuttle bus heading toward KINTEX leaves at the designated time. Please check the shuttle bus location and time ahead of time for the smooth program. Please follow your leaders and PMM pastors’ guide to keep the boarding schedule.

Please move to the parking lot and get on the bus according to your leaders’ guide when you go back to your hotel after the official program. Please board on your bus ahead of time, so the bus can leave on time. Please keep the rules for your hotel so other guests will not experience any inconvenience. If you have any problems with the use of your hotel, please contact your hotel check-in desk or your leaders for help.

If you bring your own vehicle, please use the free parking lot located at the back of the KINTEX Exhibition Center II. If you park in the basement parking lot, you will have to pay for your parking.

You can check up-to-date, detailed info for your hotel and shuttle bus at the IMC website:

That will be all for the official program and facility information for 2018 International Mission Congress. Thank you.