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2018 NSD International Mission Congress – A grand mission celebration was accomplished by the grace of God
August 20, 2018

With the theme “Go Forward”, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) held the 2018 NSD International Mission Congress (IMC) on August 8-11, at KINTEX, Goyang City, Korea. About 4,000 participants from 40 countries, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Mongolia, China and many others, came and shared the wonderful blessings of God. On the Sabbath, the last day of the event, about 5,500 Adventist members came to attend the meetings.

Mission Dedication Ceremony during the 2018 NSD International Mission Congress 

The NSD held this meeting with the objective to prepare Adventist church members for Total Member Involvement (TMI), and adopt a mission spirit to go forward and share the gospel message with others and so hasten Jesus’ second coming. The Mission Congress was a great celebration, full of praise, testimonies, encouragement and mission reports. The participants learned and witnessed how the Holy Spirit did amazing works through His missionary workers in various fields to save precious souls, and giving all the glory and praise to God.

About 170 church leaders from the General Conference, divisions, union conferences, and missions came and shared their inspiring messages and conducted various seminars. The GAiN (Global Adventist Internet Network) Conference and the Hope Channel Network Leadership Conference also were held during and after the Congress. About 260 GAiN participants and 75 Hope Channel leaders enjoyed IMC programs during the morning and evening worship time and the Sabbath special programs.

Elder Ted N. C. Wilson, General Conference president, preached during the Sabbath morning worship service. He said “Christ calls each of us to be part of Total Member Involvement, helping Him reap the harvest as the world comes to an end! God is calling you to TMI wherever you are. God is using everyone who is willing to be used----emptying themselves of self and committing themselves to growing in Christ through Bible study, study of the Spirit of Prophecy, and prayer. God will then use you in powerful outreach to others.”

Elder Ted N. C. Wilson, GC President(left) and Elder Si Young Kim, NSD President(right)

Elder Mark Finley, Assistant to the General Conference President was the main speaker for the evening meetings. He challenged the participants with this message: “Personal communion, Sabbath worship, daily devotions take time. The “urgent” was calling Christ but the “eternally significant” was priority. Are you willing to spend time in the presence of God when the clamoring voices of the “urgent” are calling out all around you?” He said that “It is vital to distinguish between the urgent and the important, the immediate and the eternally significant.”

The Mission Congress was full of helpful seminars, inspiring messages, mission reports, testimonies, and beautiful musical programs. Various mission booths and educational booths drew much attention to their own ministries. People enjoyed outdoor activities and additional musical performances on the special stage.

Elder Mark Finely, Assistant to the GC President(left) preached inspiring messages to the participants

On two of the days, at 2 pm, world-renowned speakers gave seminars on various topics. Seminar topics and speakers included Medical Missionary Conference by Peter Landless, Teachers Conference by John W. Taylor V and Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, Community Service and Mission by May-Ellen Colon and Kwon Sung, FAST Kits – Discipleship by Yoon HanSoo, Total Member Involvement by Duane McKey, Family and Missions by Willie & Elaine Oliver, Urban Ministry by Doug Venn, Evangelism by Ron Clouzet, Adventist Muslim Relations by Rick McEdward and Petras Bahadur, Special Needs Ministry by Larry Evans, Religious Liberty and Mission by Nelu Burcea, Women & Mission by Raquel Arrais, Natural Church Development by Robert Folkenberg Jr., Vivid Faith by Italo Osario, Mission to the Cities by Gary Krause, Children and Mission by Linda Koh, Public Campus Ministry by Moon JiWan, Stewardship Meeting by Kwon JohngHaeng, Evangelism Cycle by Jim Howard, Small Group by Ramon Canals, and Literature Evangelism by Nelson Ernst.

About 260 Media and IT leaders around the globe participated the GAiN conference

The International Medical Missionary Conference also met during the Congress. 604 participants received certificates of program participation as medical missionaries. There was also a Prayer Room coordinated by Lisa Clouzet and a Counseling Room by Ron Clouzet. People freely came to these rooms for the spiritual counsel and encouragement.

During the Mission Synergy time, NSD’s various mission projects such as PMM (Pioneer Mission Movement), HHMM (HisHands Mission Movement), CHM (Comprehensive Health Ministries), 1000 Missionary Movement, and Total Member Involvement were introduced. Outstanding video reports and testimonies touched the hearts of the participants.

KINTEX hall was packed with people during the Sulami performance on Sabbath afteroon 

One of the most impressive events were the musical programs that the KUC (Korea Union Conference) Media Center produced. The musical performances and video graphics blended in beautiful harmony on the 60-meter wide LED screen. Every time the performances ended, the participants responded with a big around of applause.

On Sabbath afternoon, the main hall of the KINTEX Convention Center was literally packed with people. There were no empty seats, and a good number of people had to sit on the floor or stand at the back. The musical drama “Caleb”, prepared by the Sulami team, touched the hearts of the people. Through this musical program, many decided to go forward to the mission field just as Caleb had done.

Dr. Si Young Kim, NSD president(left) is appealing to the participants to dedicated themselves for the gospel mission

During the Mission Commitment Ceremony, Dr. Si Young Kim, NSD president, challenged participants to go just like Caleb did. He shared the story of YongGun Kim, a local church elder. When he was young, Kim came to the SDA Language Institute to learn English and then he learned Bible truths which led him to baptism. After his baptism, he earnestly studied the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Later on, he devoted his life as a lay evangelist. Through his witnessing over 400 people got baptized. After telling the story of brother Kim. NSD president Si Young Kim appealed to the IMC participants to follow the faith of Caleb and brother Kim. He said that “We need to go to every city and country. We need to share the gospel message to the ends of the earth. As we look upon our Savior, we will be able to conquer our spiritual Hebron.”

After the message, Dr. Kim asked the participants to raise the candle lights and scarfs with the writing “TMI, Go Forward!”. All the participants responded, saying “Here am I, Send Me!”. The four days of 2018 NSD International Mission Congress ended with a grand finale. The event was over but it is the beginning of a new gospel mission commitment for the participants, a renewed mission spirit, and new dedication for the future. 

News article by NSD Communication Department