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IMC Opening Ceremony, Following the Path of Abram LaRue
August 20, 2018

The opening ceremony of NSD International Mission Congress was launched with the beautiful praise of the Golden Angels. Looking back on the life of Abram LaRue, who first preached the message of three angels in all of Asia 130 years ago, “Go Forward!” was the task we endeavored most concentrate on as a must.

A special show that particularly combined the traditional culture of Korea, with emphasis on Korean traditional musical instruments such as Haegeum, Geomungo, and the flute with the Adventist faith beliefs, conveyed a very colorful impression. Pastor Sang-deok Yoon introduced the devoted life of Abram LaRue as a self-supporting missionary who spread the gospel in this vast unknown land in the epic narrative Pansori chant.

The Jeju SDA International Church’s cultural alert, Gaonnuri, was applauded for its Nanta-like and its flag performances. The Chunsung Church’s Pathfinder that made its groundbreaking march with drums was reminiscent of the march going toward the heavenly Canaan under the banner of “Go Forward.” ‘Fire of Mission’ – a part of the musical ‘Moses’ – was composed of ten vocal ensembles and Shulammi, added a depth of the inspiration to the performances and “fire to the mission” beyond expectation.

Representatives from each country attended the parade dressed in traditional wear. It was an impressive sight to behold to witness people of various cultures and languages gathered together in one accord.