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IMC ‘Mission Synergy’ Echoed Deep in the Mind
August 20, 2018

Every morning, at the venue of IMC(International Mission Congress) Mission Synergy, the message was delivered by Pastor Duane Mc Key, Assistant to the President of GC, and Pastor Gary D. Krause, Associate Secretary of GC. In addition, the vivid experiences of missionaries who devoted themselves to mission work in the world, were echoed and provided deep insights.

Elder Duane McKey, Assistant to the GC President, AWR President

Pastor Mc Key of Adventist World Radio (AWR) President, and the Assistant to the President of the GC in charge of TMI movement, presented examples of missions taking place around the world through radio, and Internet media broadcasts, saying “We all can do something through Jesus. When one testifies of the gospel to save others, it also brings salvation to the one” through faith in Jesus.

Gary D. Krause, Associate Secretary of GC (right)

In addition, servants of the Lord, who preach the holy gospel with the passion for mission –the Comprehensive the Health Ministry of the West Central Korean Conference, the TMI movement of the Japan Union Conference, 1000 missionaries, His Hands missionaries, PMM Missionaries – were heard on stage as they testified how, in God’s hands, the amazing news about the gospel.