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IMC Booths, Seminars and Conferences
August 20, 2018

■ Booths & Seminars with Useful Information

Various exhibition booths and seminars were setup and conducted, respectively, to provide useful information and materials to educate those in attendance.

At the exhibition booths, about 80 organizations and companies participated and exhibited materials related to the gospel mission, education, medical mission, publishing and food and nutrition. Another 40 local church mission booths and four mission education booths shared various methods to educate others in mission areas such as service center, nature, sowing seeds, the disabled, refugees, medical care, an English culture center, children mission, to name a few.

IMC participants enjoyed learning experiences from various mission booths and educational booths

Among them, the local church mission booth, which was first attempted, introduced the evangelism activities of various churches in NSD to help find ways to practice and participate in each region. Numerous examples and case studies of mission work in actions in different churches were shared on site.

At the same time, more than 20 seminars were organized to present the path the Adventist Church and its members in many fields including medical care, family, children, campus, and religious liberty must take. At the seminars where eminent Adventist speakers in the field held the microphone, we illuminated practical methods and imparted knowledge on how to lead all participants who are preparing for Christ's return to participate in the spirit of evangelism.

■ Various Conferences with Heightened Satisfaction

Special conferences in the fields of medical care, GAiN(Global Adventist Internet Network), and education were held to enhance the satisfaction of those who are already involved in such ministries, as well as to interest participants who might want to serve in these fields.

The International Medical Missionary Conference invited Dr. Peter Landless, Director of the Health Ministry of the GC as a lecturer who is engaged in many activities with the themes: “Unique Perspectives on Dietary Choices” and “The Grace-filled Health Message Entrusted to the Seventh-day Adventist Church: The Leader and Health.”

Participants of the Teacher's Conference with Dr. John W. Taylor V and Dr. Lisa Beardsley-Hardy

His goal was to train 500 new international medical missionaries. Six hundred and four attendees participated and completed in this endeavor. Through this conference, participants came to a fuller understanding of the health message of the Adventist church as they learned skills on how to serve in the community. They also learned about the health message that is consistent with that of the GC and established a close cooperative relationship with each participating member from countries in the NSD.

The various health booths at the conference were packed all day. Such booths include CELEBRATIONS, information on Health Check Skills, Healthy Cooking Class, Massage Therapy, Addiction, and Healthy Foods vs. Unhealthy Foods.

From the left Williams Costa Jr.(GC Communication Director), Ted Wilson(GC President), Duane McKey(AWR President) together with Net Award recipients

The Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN) was a conference aimed at developing and implementing effective use of science, technology, media, including use of the internet to help Adventist Churches in the work of fulfilling the mission. Through annual global conferences, public relations, professionals and equipment specialists are trained and educated in finding new ways to connect with communities throughout the world.

During this conference, elder Williams Costa Jr., Director of Communication at the GC, lectured professionals and local church leaders about public relations, media and equipment.

Teacher’s Conference: Mission Through Adventist Education Gained Great Interest.

The purpose of the conference was to equip our teachers to be able to face the challenges of secularism in offering Adventist education. Special lectures presented entitled “The Christian Teacher in a Secular Society: The challenge of Becoming, Being, and Living” and “Reaching Postmodern Youth through Adventist Education: Approaches and Strategies.”