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IMC Bapismal Ceremony and Closing Ceremonies
August 20, 2018

■ Mission Explosion, the Foundation of Spiritual Revival

The 2018 IMC was an opportunity for representatives from around the world to learn new techniques and skills to spread the gospel in their respective countries among neighbors and beyond. The leaders of the world church, including the GC, applauded and encouragement each time the vision of churches in the NSD to expressed achievements in spiritual revival were announced through the Word and prayer.

The 2018 IMC had a special presentation for national mission and prayer request for the five countries comprising the NSD – Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Mongolia. Each country presented its own mission issues, challenges and major projects. They requested special prayers from sister churches among the world church. Delegates prayed in pairs and joined hearts for the revival that lies ahead.

In addition, the participants had time to expand their understanding of global missions by hearing news from difference conferences of neighboring divisions such as the Middle East and the North Africa Union Mission, as well as the Bangladesh Union Mission.

■ Cultural Contents: Another Strong Message

The 2018 IMC will be remembered for a very long while because a variety of high-quality cultural performances throughout made all the participants feel more impressed than perhaps was expected. Various types of music, videos, and performances specially designed for the occasion were combined with storytelling which made the message even more compelling and powerful.

Once again, Shulammi's musical drama performance ‘Promise of the People – Caleb,’ made all in attendance realize anew the gospel mission and the promise of the Second Coming. World-class artists such as a baritone, Professor Hyun-soo Choi, cellist Yoon-soo Yeo and violinist Nan-ju Lee also demonstrated God’s glory through music. The Korean traditional dance, Taepyungmu, and Taiwan’s unique folk dance also caught the attention of those in attendance. Not to mention the impressive gift of songs presented by delegates from Japan, China, and Mongolia that which also moved the audience.

In addition, a small concert was held every afternoon on stage in the special lobby of the Event Hall where everyone praised God in one voice.

■ Baptismal Ceremony of a North Korean Beyond the Boundary of Death

In a ceremony, 51 souls received and accepted Christ as their personal Savior and were born again in baptism. Among the candidates, was a North Korean who found freedom beyond the boundary of death, and a 90-year-old. Elder Ted Wilson, President of the GC baptized the North Korean and congratulated him on his rebirth.

From 1:30 pm, outdoor mission festivals with various themes were followed. Non-Korean participants visited Imjingak and held a prayer meeting for the North Korea mission. Koreans and other guests made a visit to Yanghwajin missionary cemetery. There, many participated in the TMI activity by distributing bottled water.

A separate meeting for children – Vacation Bible School (VBS) – helped parents to focus on the rally and other activities. This VBS was run for children with the theme of ‘Creation.’ A variety of programs, including Bible stories, handicrafts, praise and rhythmic movement, as well as water sports conjured memories the children will never forget.

Counseling rooms provided appropriate services to the participants who wanted to reduce burdens that may lay on their hearts. Prayer rooms were also located so that they could talk with God; they were allowed to share their experience if they so desired.

■ Commitment & Closing Ceremonies: Another Start

The Dedication and Closing Ceremonies at the end of the IMC were the gathering field of the resolutions of all Adventists in attendance.

The Dedication Ceremony featured the task that we must concentrate on now is the time to ‘Go Forward!” following in the great steps of Caleb. Tumultuous shouts of praise arose as Elder Yong-joon Kim, who, in his attempted to learn English at one of our language institutes, discovered the Three Angels Message. Since then, he has devoted his life to the work of the gospel. He showed upon the stage with 100 of those who accepted Christ’s truth through his ministry.

Delegates gathered under the flag of the TMI. Gospel ministers including 1,000 Missionaries, His Hands Missionaries, PMM Missionaries, medical missionaries, and self-supporting missionaries who are advancing toward Promised Land of Hebron stood together hand in hand. Every participant wore a red scarf with the words written “TMI, GO FORWARD!” It reminded all in the audience of the red belt that Caleb wore around his waist. They raised candle lights and cried out with a loud voice, “Lord, here I am. Send me” led by Pastor Seok-hee Han, Communication Director of NSD and Associate Coordinator of the 2018 IMC.

Participants completed the rally and pledged to participate in the Total Membership Involvement (TMI) and Center of Influence (COI) movements as much as is needed to advance the gospel work as a humble and devoted missionary. They were determined to go toward the vast and hilly mountains, where one fifth of the world's population lives, with the mission spirit and in faith. With the closing declaration, the feast ended. However, the advancement of the participants toward heavenly Canaan continues. More than that, the mission of devotion and humility as missionaries for life had just begun.