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World Church President Visits Japan and the Quake-stricken Area
January 25, 2012

   Elder and Mrs. Ted Wilson visited Hiroshima, Okinawa, Fukushima in Japan to preach the message of revival and to comfort earthquake victims, accompanied by Dr. Jairyong Lee, NSD President, Dr. Akeri Suzuki, NSD Secretary, and Pastor SukHee Han, NSD Communication Director. 

   They arrived at Hiroshima airport on October 31, 2011 welcomed by Pastor Masumi Shimada, JUC President. On the next day they visited the Peace Memorial Park and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial-Genbaku Dome. There, Elder Wilson met Mrs. Sumiko Ueki, a survivor of the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima. Now 83 years old, she worked at a munitions factory during World War II. The factory was just 2km away from the bomb-struck area, but fortunately she had a hairbreadth escape from death. After that incident, she sent her daughter to an Adventist school and she herself later became an Adventist. 

   In the afternoon, they visited Hiroshima Adventist Academy. The school welcomed the company with beautiful harmony from the vocal choir and the bell choir. In his sermon, Elder Wilson said “Don’t trust in yourself. Trust in the Lord.” After the worship, he shook hands with all students and encouraged them to stand firm for the Lord. 

   On November 2, the group went to Okinawa and visited Okinawa Junior High School, where students performed traditional Okinawan music for them. Elder Wilson preached a message saying, “God has a plan for every single one of you. You should stand firm for Jesus and the Bible truth.” Leaving the school, they went to the place where Desmond Doss saved the lives of his fellow soldiers during World War II and were reminded of his dedication to the Lord and the nation.

   In the evening, the message for revival was given to Adventist members at Okinawa Adventist elementary school church. Among attendees, was Pastor Saburo Arakaki. He was sentenced to death for murder during WWII and imprisoned in Hawaii. However, he repented while in prison and fortunately he was given a special amnesty. Coming back to Japan, he studied Theology and became a minister.

The group came back to Tokyo on November 3 and went to Fukushima by Shinkanshen. Arriving at the Fukushima Adventist Church, Elder Wilson gave a message of comfort and encouragement to Adventist members from Fukushima and Sendai, the earthquake disaster areas.  

   On November 4, they visited the Japan Union Conference headquarters to convey the message of Revival and Reformation to union workers and to encourage them to work hard for church growth and development. In the evening, there was a special revival meeting in attendance with about 400 people at Amanuma Church in Suginami area, Tokyo. 

   The next day, about 1,300 Adventist members gathered together at Yodobashi Church, Shinjuku, Tokyo to attend a historic revival meeting in the Adventist history of Japan. At the meeting, Elder Wilson offered his deepest condolence to Japanese people who suffered from the earthquake, tsunami, and radiation and appealed to them to preach the Adventist message in adversity, armed with God’s word.

   In the afternoon, another meeting under the theme “Spiritual Revival and Reformation” was held at Amanuma church and about 600 members attended. Elder Wilson desired that the Japanese Adventist church experience revival through the Holy Spirit, so that multitudes currently residing in Tokyo could be reached with the good news of salvation through urban evangelism.

   As a result of this visitation, Elder Ted Wilson was able to receive reports on the gospel work in Japan and also saw the current situation of the Adventist Church there. Moreover, he had a great opportunity to preach an encouraging message to Japanese church members and leaders and to suggest a direction for future Adventist gospel work.