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Mongolia Mission Holds Sabbath School Seminar During Bible Camp
September 17, 2018
The purpose of the seminar was to make Sabbath School a prime program of each local church. To make this happen, there should be dynamic and innovative Sabbath School programs before the lesson discussion. These may include giving a Sabbath School quiz, small group mission stories, reciting memory verses, involving children in adult Sabbath School, and many others. These are to be done by the small groups as the basis for all Sabbath School activities.

Small groups play an important role for the growth of the local church. Each small group should operate as if it is a local church itself, having mission strategic plans, including a target of baptism. In fact, the soul-winning target of a local church is to be distributed to all small groups as their target. Small groups can do many things for Sabbath School and the church. Take one example: in addition to world mission reports, it is recommendable to schedule the small groups to present their mission stories. For sure, without mission initiatives, they can never have good mission stories. Thus, they will be encouraged to be active in missions. Pastor Bold Batsukh, MM executive secretary, presented a Bible study series focusing on the mission of the last remnant. He challenged the participants to be unique in their lifestyles and to be faithful to the teachings of the Bible, especially the distinctive beliefs of the remnant church. All participants were blessed.

The MM has conducted Bible camps annually, the last two being at the Youth Training Center located about 50 kilometers outside of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. There is a plan to develop this facility into a boarding school, since the only Adventist school in Mongolia is very limited in receiving new high school students.

It was amazing to see that most of the 350 participants attending the Bible camp were young people. Pastor Kim YoHan, MM president, believes that based on the enthusiasm of our young people, the church in Mongolia Mission will experience tremendous growth.

News Article by Richard Sabuin