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Hope Channel Network Leadership Conference Held in Korea
October 12, 2018

 The Hope Channel Network Leadership Conference (HCNLC), hosted by the Hope Channel whose director is Derek Morris, was held from August 13 to 16, 2018, the week following the International Mission Congress, at Sahmyook University in Korea. It was the first time that the faculty members of the Hope Channel from around the world have assembled to hold a Hope Channel rally in Korea. This conference is held regularly every year, circling the countries that operate the Hope Channel. This year, Hope Channel Korea was the main host of the conference. The conference was held under the theme of “Interact Building Relations” with 70 people from more than 40 countries for the development of media missions.

First, practical consultations were held on how to build relationships that enable the sharing of contents and ideas in the Hope Channel network. They also discussed ways and specific efforts to interact with everyone who could be reached through the broadcast and lead audiences to reach the ultimate goal of salvation.

The highlight of the conference was the case reports of all the participating countries. There were presentations from 47 countries of the Hope Channel network, explaining explained the current status and characteristics of broadcasting missions in each country. In addition, through video reports, they introduced in depth the evangelism and the power of using broadcasting in the rapidly changing modern society.

In particular, reports that gained special attention were visible achievements and results in Germany, Romania, Ukraine, and Brazil. Among them, Brazil Hope Channel (Novo Tempo) was especially noteworthy. Brazil is one of the most active countries in the world with the medium of media mission. The broadcasting ministry that started with the dedication of one person has now grown to become a large broadcasting station with 500 employees and has established itself as the number one Brazilian Christian broadcasting network.

An official said, “Novo Tempo has over 40 dedicated counselors who respond to a variety of inquiries from viewers. We share the list of people who are interested in the message of the Second Coming with the local church, and connect them as seekers to reap the fruits of soul salvation. The church has an organic system to identify, visit and lead seekers to the church.”

Indeed, many churches in Brazil put up the Novo Tempo signboard with the signs of the Adventist Church to reach the people who are familiar with the broadcasting system. The influence of Novo Tempo is known to be so great that the proportion of people who are baptized in Brazil is the highest in contact with broadcasting.

In addition, the conference also held discussions on major issues and challenges, including the expansion of an SNS ministry, the expansion of effective platforms, and the importance of Bible School.

Hope Channel, the Adventist’s TV network, broadcasts mission programs in 57 languages worldwide through 47 channels. It broadcasts in the world’s major languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi and Arabic.

Through the gospel of God, we share the path of eternal life and a better life. By making a special broadcast that fits the culture and environment of each country, we are effectively spreading the Three Angels’ Message to all the people living in the global village. All programs aim to restore faith, health, relationships and community, and are based on the word of Jesus Christ.

All the contents of Hope Channel Korea ( opened in 2015 can be viewed in various ways, such as KT channel 836, the Internet, and social media.