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2011 KUC Annual Council
January 25, 2012

  The Korean Union Conference (KUC) had its 2011 Annual Council at its headquarters in Seoul, Korea on November 14, 2011. The Annual Council was held for a day since KUC is going to have the 34th Special Session on December 12~14.

   During the Council Session, the KUC voted for a restructuring of its departments. KUC president will be in charge of Ministerial Association and one of the directors will be an associate director of Ministerial Association. The Adventist Training Center will train and educate pastors. Health Ministries and ADRA will be functioning under one director. Women’s Ministries director will be in charge of the Children’s Ministries. KUC also presented a guideline for the District Churches Association of Evangelism to emphasize on local church mission work than institutional evangelism.

  KUC has set its goals for 2012, which are 7,000 baptisms, 9 new churches, and 63 billion KRW (USD 56,350,000) in tithes; especially, the constituency meetings of the KUC and its five local conferences which will be held in December 2011 and January 2012, with hopes that these will be a new starting point for revival and reformation.