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Dedication Ceremony of OYiM (One Year in Mission) Missionaries in Korea
November 06, 2018

The youth ministries director of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), Pastor Kim NakHyung, and the youth ministries director of the Korean Union Conference (KUC), Pastor Lee KeeHo, hosted the OYiM (One Year in Mission) dedication ceremony on June 9 and 10, 2018, at the Youth Center in YeoJu, Korea.

The OYiM is a global Adventist youth initiative designed to give teams of young professional (aged 18 to 35) an opportunity to magnify Jesus—in the context of the Three Angels’ Message—throughout the cities of the world.

Approximately 70 missionaries gathered together under the name of OYiM. The missionaries who attended the ceremony included the Golden Angels, singing missionaries of the NSD, AM (Always Missionary) of KUC, COMPASS of the West Central Korean Conference, and SOS and BOF of the Southeast Korean Conference and Middle-West Korean Conference. All missionaries who belong to these groups gathered together under the name of OYiM, ACT (Adventist Collegians with Tidings), and Campus Mission.

Pastor Kim introduced the OYiM project and reported on NSD youth ministries. Pastor Kim said, “Global city evangelism is the essential ministry of this age. The everlasting gospel will be an antidote to crime, discrimination, disease, and corruption.” He gave the appeal, “Who will deliver this message? God is calling you to participate in the OYiM ministry.” He also emphasized, “Our mission work, for those who are living in this time without hearing the message of the Second Coming, is still not enough. The OYiM team will make effective plans and implement them in this ministry. The OYiM missionary team will perform a warm service for those who are suffering in cities around the world by presenting a unique culture, expanding positive influences in the way of Christ and testifying of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Kim SiYoung, NSD president, attended the ceremony to deliver the opening message after he heard that young missionaries from various ministries would be gathered together in one place. He urged them into a deeper devotion by encouraging them to hold on to the missionary spirit, the mission and attitude of true faith as presented in the Bible.

During the meeting, each missionary team reported on the status of their ministry along with their plans. The meeting also included a short but impressive discussion by the conference and a team about developing a young and lively church in the current aging society in Korea.

News article by Kim NakHyung, NSD Youth Director