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2018 AHCA Presidents’ Council Meets in Sydney, Australia
November 23, 2018

 The Adventist HealthCare Association (AHCA) is the umbrella organization over all the Adventist health care institutions within the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD). The purpose of AHCA is to provide coordination, services, advice, and networking among the hospital administrators. Every year, all Adventist hospital presidents meet together as president's council to enjoy fellowship, receive reports, continuing education and networking with each other.

The 2018 NSD Presidents' Council of AHCA was held from October 1 to 5, at Sydney Adventist Hospital, Australia. More than thirty-one Adventist Hospital Administrators, medical doctors, department heads representing twelve member hospitals from the NSD participated in the council.

The guest speakers for this year's council were all executives from Sydney Adventist Hospital: Mr. Philip West, CFO, to cover the topic on Hospital Management & Structure; Dr. Jeanette Conley, Medical & Clinical executive, to cover the topic on Clinical Governance & Quality; Ms. Strykowski, marketing director to cover the topic on Marketing; Ms. Clare Lumley, Nursing & Operations executive on the topic of Hospital Operations.

During the Council, participants visited both a government public hospital and Sydney Adventist Hospital, in which they had a good learning experience and exchanged ideas.

The presidents’ council business session was going under the chairmanship of Dr. Nishino, the current AHCA President. All hospital presidents or representatives gave their annual report on each hospital general picture and performance. The business session discussed routine agenda items. One of the major decisions was to have more collaboration and sharing among the member hospitals in the areas of procurement, international marketing, leadership development and staff training and international accreditation. The council also voted to hold 2019 AHCA Presidents’ Council in Taipei, Taiwan.

On the last day of activities, the group visited some of the Adventist historic sites in Australia including the Sanitarium Health & Well-being Company, Avondale College and the Sunnyside House where Ellen G White had lived here for some years during her missionary trip to Australia from 1891 to 1900.

Stanley Ng, Coordinator

Adventist HealthCare Assocation (AHCA)

Northern Asia-Pacific Division