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KUC Family Ministries Hold a Charity Sale
December 20, 2018

The Children and Youth Vision Center of the Korean Union Conference (KUC) was crowded all day long on October 25, 2018. The Korean Adventist Women’s Association (KAWA) and the KUC family ministries jointly held an “Eum Charity Sale” in the front yard of the center building. Eum is a project to nurture children as an Adventist with the collaborative support of a family, a local church, and a local conference. This charity sale was held in order to promote and support the Eum project.

The major target of the charity sale was mothers, especially those who are raising children. A variety of products related to childcare, childbirth, and health were displayed at the charity sale. Visitors carefully looked through ingredients and production methods of products.

There was a small class that taught how to make organic baby food and how to eat healthy. The class received a good response from new moms. One of the class attendees said, “I’ve been under a lot of stress about making baby food since my baby doesn’t like to eat what I’ve made. The class helped me to learn how to make good baby food and to consider the eating habits of my family. Thanks to the class, I made up my mind again that I will give my best, including food, to my baby.”

Not only Adventists but local people around the center visited the charity sale. One of the women visited the place with her mother. She and her mother both found themselves satisfied with the products and the free classes at the charity sale, such as the natural soap-making class. She suggested, “It might be better to attract visitors if there were classes for pregnant women or prospective parents.”

Some of the products in the charity sale were donated by companies. Sijosa, the Korean Adventist publishing house, donated children’s books, such as Wisdom from the Bible and My Bible Storybook. Other companies donated their products, including organic baby food and baby goods. Deaconness Lee SahmSook, director of KAWA in the West Central Korean Conference, gave honey and propolis to the host.

Ahn JaeSoon, KUC family ministries director, said, “I hope God blesses the Eum project so that it will bear much fruit and will ultimately bring prosperity to the Korean Adventist Church. I sincerely appreciated the volunteers who helped with this sale as well as all the visitors.”