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HKMC Conducts a Spiritual Retreat for Teachers
January 03, 2019

A spiritual retreat for school teachers in Hong Kong-Macao Conference (HKMC) was conducted on the campus of Hong Kong Adventist Academy (HKAA) on September 1, 2018. About 250 teachers gathered together on that Sabbath day for worship, discipleship and fellowship. The attendance included non-Adventist teachers.

The speaker for the retreat was Pastor Tom Decker, the newly appointed principal of HKAA. He emphasized the important role of teachers in Adventist education. The topic was very important considering that more than half of the teachers in our schools at HKMC are non-Adventists. In the afternoon, in addition to listening to more lectures, the teachers had a fellowship program, emphasizing teamwork spirit in teaching ministry.

HKAC regularly organizes spiritual retreats for teachers at the beginning of fall semesters every year. This sets the atmosphere of service and mission for the teachers. Dr. Frank Tam, HKMC education director, has scheduled the next spiritual retreat for August 31, 2019. Well done!

Richard Sabuin, NSD Education Director