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Discipling Family Ministries Leaders
January 03, 2019

 Many marriages and families are in crisis all over the world. To help combat this situation in China, 50 family ministries leaders from 18 different areas of China came together from November 12 to 14, 2018, to receive the second level of the Family Ministries Leadership Certification Program (FMLCP). This program was followed by the Prepare-Enrich (P/E) certification training on November 15 to help couples build, renew, or restore their relationship. Leading out the trainings were the General Conference (GC) Family Ministries (FM) directors and Family Life educators, Dr. Willie and Elaine Oliver; Dr. Lisa Clouzet, FM director of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD); and Mrs. Min, FM director of the Chinese Union Conference.

In August 2018, the same leaders had also met for the first level of the FMLCP training, led out by Clouzet and Min. It was the first time such a group had come together for this training. At the end of Level I, the leaders were anxious to receive the Level II training, so plans were started to meet again in November for both Level II and P/E. In the meantime, those participants had to finish several additional hours of requirements to complete Level I.

Currently, in addition to completing their Level II and P/E requirements, the FM leaders are beginning FM small groups, holding marriage seminars, doing pre- and post-marital coaching, and planning to conduct a marriage camp. Recently, several small groups for non-Christians have been established in different areas, and they are studying a book on marriage together online.  Plans are being made for additional trainings.

For more information on Family Ministries, please visit the GC website at or the NSD webpage at Please continue praying for the families of the NSD and all around the world.

by Lisa Clouzet, Director, FM Department