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Theological Symposium Focuses on Creation
February 25, 2019

Hong Kong Adventist College (HKAC) conducted the second theological symposium at their campus from November 27 to 29, 2018. The theme of the symposium was “Creation Science.” This time, about 250 pastors and church leaders attended the event. They came from the Hong Kong-Macau Conference as well as from other territories which belong to the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD). In fact, the attendance doubled compared to that of last year’s symposium.

The presenters were Choi ChongGeol, a paleontologist from the Geoscience Research Institute (GRI) at NSD; Ron Clouzet, a practical theologian from the NSD; Elias de Souza, an Old Testament scholar from the Biblical Research Institute (BRI); Robert Folkenberg, president of Chinese Union Mission; Richard Sabuin, a New Testament scholar from the NSD; Tim Standish, a microbiologist from GRI; and Clinton Wahlen, a New Testament scholar from BRI. The topics included “Creation in the Old and New Testaments,” “The Fossil Record,” “Theistic Evolution,” “The Biblical Worldview,” “Evolutionary Philosophy,” “Creation in the Writings of Paul,” “Creation in Matthew,” and “The Demise of Scientism When Faced with Natural Revelation.” The audience was enriched by the scientific presentations emphasizing natural evidences for creationism. They also had an opportunity to learn about philosophical understanding as well as practical applications of creation.

HKAC, with the support of CHUM and NSD, will continue to conduct this kind of symposium as an annual event. Next year, the theme will be on mission and ministry to postmodern society. We congratulate Dan Cheung, HKAC president, and his team for having organized this event.

Ron Clouzet and Richard Sabuin