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First Commissioning Ceremony for Public Campus Ministries Missionaries
March 11, 2019

 The youth department of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) held a commissioning ceremony for their first Public Campus Ministries (PCM) missionaries on January 13, 2019, in Gangneung, Korea. Under the auspices of Pastor Kim NakHyung, NSD youth ministries director, leaders of youth, children, and education departments of the NSD territories as well as Pastor Moon JiWan, PCM director of the General Conference, attended the ceremony.

PCM is a mission movement on campus which enables its missionaries to spread the gospel of God to college students. The NSD was the first to set up this movement among the thirteen Divisions of the Adventist Church. This time, nine missionaries from Korea, Brazil, USA, and Taiwan, were dispatched to their mission field. They had already finished the two-week training at Korean Union Conference Vision Center in Seoul, Korea.

Pastor Moon said to them, “You are special ambassadors who follow Jesus for campus ministries. You can change the world with this special mission.”

NSD president Kim SiYoung has strongly supported PCM from its planning stage. He said, “Most college students in the world have never heard about or know Jesus and the message of His second coming. That is why the NSD began this historical and future-oriented movement of campus ministries.”

The PCM missionaries left for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mongolia on January 15 for their mission. They are going to serve for a year with their local partners. In order to communicate with students on campus without language barriers, the missionaries are supposed to take a language course there. Any student who shows an interest in Jesus Christ or the church will be invited to the church where the PMC missionaries are attending. Those students will keep receiving care from the missionaries and be given help to settle down in the church and to grow their faith as Adventists. The ultimate goal of PCM is to plant churches near campus.

The PCM movement will continue for the next three years, and the NSD youth department will keep sending well-prepared college student missionaries to mission fields. Special prayer support is requested from all our Adventist Church members.

News Article by Kim NakHyung, NSD Youth Ministries Director