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HKMC Health Ministries Off to a Good Start in 2019
April 01, 2019

The health ministries department of the Hong Kong-Macao Conference is off to a good start in 2019 with several health ministries events. Here are some of the activities that we did in the first month of the new year.

On January 5, we had a health expo for children at the Yuen Long Church. Around fifty children participated in the expo and learned NEWSTART principles, which refers to the eight natural remedies—nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, time, air, rest, and trust in God. We were blessed to receive sponsorship from a health water company, which donated 120 bottles of drinking water for the participants.

Twenty-one participants completed their training as instructors for the smoking cessation journey on January 6 at the Conference office. They kicked off a stop smoking class at the Sing Wing Mental Rehabilitation Center on January 12 with about 20 people who wanted to quit smoking.

On January 11, there was a completion ceremony for the CELEBRATIONS course at Shatin Church. CELEBRATIONS® is an acronym for the 12 healthful living principles: choices, exercise, liquid, environment, belief, rest, air, temperance, integrity, optimism, nutrition, and social support and services. To complete the course, trainees had to participate in different sessions, which included various activities, health seminars, and a workshop.

In the Kowloon Church, on the same day, we organized a diabetes awareness program. This was one of the preparations for evangelism, and we already had one participant who started to come to church service. A heart disease awareness program was scheduled to be on January 26, and a mental health awareness program was scheduled for February 16.

On January 20, the Bible Auditorium Church and the Siu Sai Wan Church set up health check-up services for local people. A total of 54 participants benefited from this event.

We believe that God will keep guiding the HKMC health ministries department and pouring out His blessings upon our work so that we can preach the gospel through the Adventist health message.

News Article by Miranda Wong, HKMC Health Ministries Director