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Taiwan Churches Plan to Have Simultaneous Evangelistic Meetings for TMI Evangelism 2019
April 29, 2019

At the midyear meeting in Sapparo, Japan, in 2018, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) approved the “TMI Evangelism 2019” project. As part of this project, the decision was made to hold simultaneous evangelistic meetings at 16 local churches in Taiwan Conference (TWC) in July 2019. The NSD officers, directors, and staff are set to serve as speakers.

Dr. Joo MinHo, NSD Adventist Mission director, planned a plenary meeting with Taiwan pastors to prepare and pray together for TMI Evangelism 2019. On February 28, 2019, all 16 local church pastors whose churches will be involved in the 16 simultaneous evangelistic meetings got together with the NSD directors and staff.

In the opening worship, TWC president Noah Lai spoke about the significance of mission in Taiwan because there are still very few Adventists compared to the whole population of Taiwan. It was also pointed out that the Taiwan Adventist Church has been growing slowly. In 1962, there were 92 churches in Taiwan; in 2017, there were 112 churches. Over the past 55 years, only 20 churches have been added. This shows that the Adventist Church is barely growing in Taiwan.

In his sermon, Dr. Kim SiYoung, NSD president, talked about how to deliver the gospel to the Taiwan people. Introducing the successful ways of Jesus in reaching the people, as written in Ellen G. White’s Ministry of Healing, he emphasized that the church should understand and fill the needs of the people.

Pastor Joseph Ma, TWC Global Mission coordinator, reported on how each church in Taiwan has been preparing for TMI Evangelism 2019. He talked about the whole process of a successful evangelism from the beginning to the evangelistic meeting itself. 

Dr. Joo, who is charge of the Mission to the Cities project, gave a presentation on how to make public evangelism effective and successful. He introduced the combination of missional church and attractional church with a view on church growth and revival. Missional church underscores where a church is headed and shows the love of Jesus by meeting the felt-needs of those in the community. On the other hand, attractional church is bent on inviting people to come and see. Dr. Joo also shared three elements as the backbone of effective public evangelism: cultivating (individuals and groups involved in prayer and in developing friendships community service), sowing (testimony and invitation to small groups), and harvesting (invitation to public evangelism and baptism).

In the afternoon, each local church reported on their plans for the evangelistic meetings. Before wrapping up the prayer meeting, Dr. Kim SiYoung and all NSD directors participated in the pinning ceremony, placing a pin on each local pastor’s jacket. On March 1, the NSD directors were scattered to different local churches to meet church members and to speak to them on the Sabbath day.

News Aritcle by Joo MinHo, NSD Adventist Mission Coordinator