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HisHands Training and Dedication Ceremony in Jooahn Church
May 17, 2019

Jooahn Church, which belongs to the West Central Korean Conference (WCKC), held a HisHands Mission Movement training and dedication ceremony on April 13, 2019. Pastor Han SukHee, HHMM coordinator of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), was invited as the main speaker. The church members had been trained in 2009 but hadn’t worked actively. They now wanted to restart door-to-door ministry for this year of TMI (Total Member Involvement) Evangelism, and they resolved to be enthusiastic in gospel work with renewed mind through the morning training session, the dedication ceremony, and practice session in the afternoon.

On that day, twenty-two members joined as HisHands missionaries to devote in seeking the lost with the heart of Jesus as Jesus' hands and feet, holding published materials in one hand and medical ministry tools in the other. The Jooahn Church HisHands missionaries resolved to keep in their minds the fact that our main task is “Only Mission” until the day of Jesus’ second coming and to do their best to accomplish the goal of the church this year, “Winning One Soul for Each Person.” They appreciate the support and encouragement of the NSD and WCKC.