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We Speak to Nations: Golden Angels Hold Concert in Australia
May 17, 2019

There is a land that can be reached in 30 minutes from Ilsan, Korea, where I live. But aspects of life in that land are much different from Ilsan.

 “Mom, I’m thirsty.”

 “You can get some water from the refrigerator.”

 “Mom, I am cold.”

 “Okay, I’m turning up the temperature, so take a warm shower and go to bed.”

 This is a casual conversation between my wife and daughter; it could be a casual conversation in your family. However, in some parts of North Korea, this conversation is not casual. When the temperature drops below zero, the situations in North Korea and South Korea are different. In North Korea, there are still many buildings which do not have heating facilities or hot water. For many North Koreans, it is not common to get water from a tap, to have running water in toilets or sinks.

There is a couple living in Australia, Kang SeungYong and Lee SooJung, who have been praying in tears for this miserable situation. They planned a fundraising concert to raise money for the North Korean people, and they invited the 16th group of Golden Angels, singing missionaries of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD).

Big concerts were held at three local churches in Brisbane, Australia–Logan Reserve Church, Salisbury, and Mountain Gravatt Church—from April 3 to 11, 2019. The total number of people in the audiences was more than 1,000. One of the audience members from the Mountain Gravatt Church said, “I’ve never seen such a large audience in any of the Adventist events here. A lot of local church members were actively engaged in helping with the concerts. As a result, we raised about 1,800 USD in total, and we continue to collect funds even after the concerts.”  

After the music service, during divine worship on Sabbath, a woman in her late 50s approached me and said that while she was praying that morning, she had heard a voice from the Holy Spirit that reminded her of the money she had been saving for someone in need. And as she attended the Sabbath worship, she was very impressed by the Golden Angels concert and she immediately remembered the voice she had heard that morning. She donated about 3,500 USD three days after the concert.

In addition, a church member in the late 40s, who runs an international education agency, was touched by the dedication and service of the Golden Angels missionaries and donated 700 USD. Another young couple donated 350 USD although they do not have a high income. I realized that we have a chance to work for God when we are active. The funds will be used for an electric facility, installation of solar panels, and hot water facilities at a private nursing home in North Korea.

Furthermore, the concert in more than just raising funds. Many non-Adventists attended the concert and were touched by the love of God through our songs. Also, there were a lot of people who were moved by the dedication of young missionaries. We all gained confidence again that God leads our mission work. Lastly, our performance, which included five Korean missionaries, contributed to improving Korean status within Korean immigrant society in Australia.

Will the day come when Golden Angels will sing and preach the gospel in North Korea? I believe that such a day will come soon because the truth is marching on. And when that day comes, we will sing “We Speak to Nations; Be Free.”