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Forty-One Make Decisions for Baptism in Hong Kong
June 04, 2019

A total of 41 souls made the decision to be baptized during the “Bible Prophecies Decoded” evangelistic meetings led by Dr. Ron Clouzet, ministerial secretary of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, in March 2019. These meetings were the culmination of an eight-month process known as the Field School of Evangelism. The Field School involved 13 churches. In 2017, the Hong Kong-Macao Conference added 69 new believers among the 25 churches in the Conference. So, seeing 41 people choose to join the Adventist Church with barely above 50% of the churches involved is a wonderful development, and it is a concrete reason to thank the Holy Spirit for His work.


Doing evangelism in Hong Kong is very challenging. The city is very secular, and there are many distractions that battle against the spiritual life. Even though an average of 229 members attended the evangelistic meetings every night, only an additional average of 39 non-members attended. And yet, 41 of these made decisions for Christ, His teachings, and His church! More members and non-members attended on Sabbath mornings.

Perhaps the greatest reason for rejoicing has to do with the fact that in 12 of the 13 participating churches, there were decisions for baptism (see table below). The churches rediscovered a clearer sense of mission, the members and new believers experienced a genuine spiritual renewal, and pastors and leaders learned to do more effective evangelism for the Lord.

Unique Components to the Hong Kong Evangelistic Meetings

The evangelistic meetings—24 of them—were broadcast live online from the Bible Auditorium Church to 12 other church sites. Aside from greeters, ushers, and music leaders, there were some other key people involved. Row hosts were responsible for connecting with non-members each night. They also became the people charged with visiting non-members, for which they received specific training every Sabbath afternoon and every Wednesday evening. A resource table with books and resources was available each night. Children’s programs were offered where they were needed. Question and Answer sessions were held almost every night, and special prayer times were held throughout the three weeks of the meetings.

The Field School Process

The Hong Kong-Macao Field School of Evangelism taught the concept that evangelism is a process, not a mere event. As such, there were a number of trainings and other events that were part of that process: