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2019 World Publishing House Congress meets in Israel, a Holy Land with rich spiritual and historical inspiration
June 24, 2019

“Stronger together-Reaching Everyone” was the theme chosen for the 2019 week-long World Publishing House Congress which was held in the beautiful country of Israel, a Holy Land with inspiration and historical significance.

About 90 publishing house leaders representing more than 25 publishing houses around the world gather together to share their visions and strategies, brainstorming how best to approach the electronic and Information Age. It was a great opportunity to know each other better and promote cooperation among our publishing houses worldwide.

The Congress was led out by the General Conference Publishing Ministries Department under the leadership of the Director Elder Almir Marroni and Associate Director Steven Apola. All 13 Divisions, more than 25 publishing houses gave their reports, and it was an eye-opening and good learning experiences.

A numerous devotionals and presentations were shared with the group, and some of the focus areas of publishing ministries were discussed including Missionary Book Production and Circulation, Ellen White Books Open Source Translations, Balance between Sales and Mission-Minded Products, Relationship with Church Leaders, Growing Together Project, Evaluation and Counsel. At the closing program, all publishing house presidents/managers received a special plague from the General Conference Publishing Ministries Department in appreciation of their contribution to support the production and distribution of Ellen White’s Books.

The group spent the rest of the days visiting some of the sacred and historical sites and some significant places recorded in the Bible including the Old City of Jerusalem, the City of David, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The Garden Tomb, Masada, Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, Sea of Galilee, Nazareth Village, Caesarea, Old Jaffa and Tel Aviv.

 The historic tour was really a blessing and wonderful experience to all participants. A reminder to all of us that God is Love and He still watches over His children in the time of crisis and challenges.

 “Publications must be multiplied and scattered like the leaves of autumn. These silent messengers are enlightening and molding the minds of thousands in every country and in every clime.” (Colporteur Ministry, page 5)

Stanley Ng

Publishing Ministries Director