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Caotun Church Evangelism in Taiwan
January 25, 2012

Caotun Church is located in the middle part of Taiwan, it is one of the Pioneer Mission Movement (PMM) Projects sponsored by the Northern Asia-Pacific Division to plant a church in an unreached territory. Pastor Seo Jae Young was sent to this church some years ago. They started this church planting project by opening a Korean Cultural activities and Korean Language Class. Many young people were attracted to the church and a good relationship was established.

This year on November 21 to 26, the church conducted evangelistic meetings and invited Pastor Stanley Ng from the Northern Asia-Pacific Division as the speaker. At the same time, a Korean cooking class was conducted by the PMM pastors’ wives. Every evening, before the Bible message was presented, the Golden Angels, a singing missionary group presented a mini concert to the audience. An average of 40 to 50 young people came to the meetings every night.