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1K Youth & PCM Evangelistic Series in Mongolia
June 25, 2019

 Earlier this year, Public Campus Ministries (PCM) leaders in Mongolia planned for what seemed impossible—an evangelistic series where 1,000 young people would attend. Although it was hard to believe that it could happen, PCM leaders prayed with hope and love that God would fill the place with His angels and with 1,000 young people. They also prayed for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them throughout the week.

The praise team had one last practice before the program was scheduled to begin. Requests for prayers were sent out via Facebook “to make the impossible possible and for miracles for what they had prayerfully been planning for.” In faith, the evangelistic series was entitled the 1K Youth & PCM Evangelistic Series, with the subtitle of “Come, Follow Me! — iFollow.” 

On April 30, 2019, the first night of the event, there was visible evidence that God was answering prayers. The place was filling up. A Facebook message declared, “To God be the glory! Continue to pray for us!!”

On the 4th night, a miracle happened in Ulaanbaatar. More than 1,000 young people attended the event with 90% being non-Adventists. More than 250 young people walked on stage declaring their decision to follow Jesus and to live a life of mission and service. On May 4, the first group of 60 young people descended to the baptismal waters to start a new life with Jesus!

God surpassed all expectations, and He taught us that with Him nothing is impossible! According to Pastor Munkh-Orgil Lkhagvaa, youth ministries director of the Mongolia Mission (MM), this was the largest gathering ever in Mongolian Adventist history. He also expressed his belief that the amazing work for God will continue to happen in Mongolia. Adventism in Mongolia began in the 1990s; it is one of the youngest Adventist missions in the world. Currently, only about 800 to 1,000 Adventists attend Sabbath services regularly. These young souls will definitely change Adventism in Mongolia.

It was a blessing to have Dr. Moon JiWan, General Conference PCM director, as a gospel speaker and Joanna Kim, health instructor, as a health speaker who fully reflected and delivered God’s infinite love and grace to the young people. Citing a Bible verse in 1 Corinthians, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ,” Dr. Moon urged young people not to follow worldly values but to follow Christ Jesus and to preach the gospel to the world.   

Special thanks to MM president Kim YoHan and Pastor Munkh-Orgil, who organized the event, and the team of PCM Ambassadors, who worked tirelessly on campus to impart the Word of God throughout Mongolia.

News Article by Kim NakHyung, NSD Youth Director