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NSD Midyear Committee in Hong Kong
July 10, 2019

The Northern Asia-Pacific Division EXCOM members had a midyear meeting at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital—Tsuen Wan from May 21 to 24, 2019. The reports from each department were focused on Total Member Involvement.

One of the reports was from Youth Rush Japan, a student literature evangelism that originally started in California, USA. We invited the leader of Youth Rush Japan, Daniel Fukuda, who gave a very enthusiastic report. Three years ago, Pastor Shimada, Japan Union Conference (JUC) president, decided to adapt the methods of Youth Rush from California. Many JUC leaders were concerned that it would not be well accepted in Japan, but the Japanese young people proved them otherwise.

Many of the Adventist academy and college students responded positively and joined the literature evangelism. Through this ministry, they were able to meet God and experience His miracles. JUC then expanded the age limit for this ministry and developed “All Rush Japan,” which was open to all ages in order to give everyone a chance to experience partnership with the Lord.

Dr. Ron Clouzet, NSD ministerial secretary, gave a series of lectures on evangelism. The topics were “Evangelism and Leadership,” “Reaching Our Large Cities,” and “Prayer as Strategy.” He also shared “30 Important Lessons Learned on Effective Evangelism,” which was based on his experience conducting successful evangelistic meetings and teaching evangelism in three continents for many years. 

In between the meetings, we also had the chance to visit Hong Kong Adventist Hospital (Stubbs Road), and we saw how God has achieved many things in Hong Kong through the hospital.

We are looking forward to seeing each other at the annual council with many good reports of God’s great work in our division.

News Article by Yutaka Inada, NSD Executive Secretary